Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

This is Curly sitting on my keyboard. Isn't he the cutest? I can't keep my kissing lips off his sweet little kitten-face. I tried to put this up before but my image site went weird, and I had to put it up elsewhere

Oh it's so funny, Noemi was upset because when she went in the bathroom, one of Scaredy's kittens was in Spooky's bed with her kittens, and she thought that Scaredy had just decided she didn't like that kitten anymore and was trying to pawn it off on Spooky. She didn't know that when cats have kittens around the same time they will often take care of them communally, they are so smart that they just know to pool their mothering resources. It's the sweetest thing, one nursing mother will take over for the other so she can get up and stroll around, and have a little rest from the needy babies.

Years ago when three of our girls had babies at the same time, we would try to keep them separated, but inevitably we would find all of the babies piled together in one bed, two of the Mother's would be off checking things out, and one of them would be nursing all of the babies. It was confusing for us because we never knew which kittens belonged to which mama cat. That was the very beginning of our kitten having, after that it was a long time before we had kittens again, we found such good homes for those little guys. We only kept one and he died when my ex tossed him out the front door one night when he has sprayed his stupid fencing bag. He left him outside all night long and a coyote ate him and left him in pieces on the neighbors lawn. I've told this story before, I'll probably tell it again. Maybe I'll have to tell it a hundred times before I can feel a little bit less hurt over it.

Oh I wanted to tell you guys about an e-mail exchange I had with Art Bell, I wrote this on Ana's journal;

I'm mad at Art Bell because he declaws his cats, and thought it was funny that after he picked up his latest rescue kitty, (I like that he saved the kitty at least), after it had been declawed, it tried to scratch the couch, and made a sound over and over again that sounded like, "Ouch, ouch, ouch," then he looked at his paws and seemed to not understand.

He told this story on the air like it was some kind of funny anecdote. Isn't that awful? Grrrrr. I promptly fired off a letter to him and he actually wrote back. He said, "My cats are very HAPPY indoors. He's alive! He'll get over it...and so will you." I wrote back to him and told him that I was glad he saved this kitty's life, but that with all of the alternatives available, and considering what an open minded kind of guy he seems to be, and the fact that he loves cats, it surprised me that he could make such an insensitive choice. Do you know that they cut their claws back past the knuckle, it's actually considered amputation. Most good vets refuse to do it.

I was just in the bathroom and poor Ollie, he was trying to use his litter box, and Moe came right in and stuck his head in-between his back legs. He was just eager to help him cover it up.

Here are my two guys, Beau and Jake. Jake is almost completely blind. He is totally blind in one eye and the other one isn't too great. We've been to specialists. He gets around pretty well, in fact like most blind kitties I've known he's a bit of a bully. I like to sleep with him but he sprays my pillows so I've had to ban him, and it really hurts because I miss cuddling with him in my arms all night. Sigh.

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