Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Oooh this is a good one. I borrowed this quizzy from Banshee's journal.

What are you afraid of?

I'm afraid of
*anything bad happening to my son
*being abandoned
*being cheated on
*my rage towards people who are cruel to animals
*those freaky looking bugs that live underground and look like shiny little baby fetuses
*tidal waves
*my Mother
*anything bad happening to my pets
*losing my teeth
*falling into a coma
*what happens to my body after I die/embalming
*never losing this weight
*having a heart attack
*my ex-mother-in-law (she was really scary)
*la Migra
*things that go bump in the night
*accidentally selling my soul
*never making it as an actor
*being a bad actor
*people thinking I'm a freak
*rats eating all of my things in the garage
*drive by shootings
*astral travelling and coming back to find my body occupied by someone else
*being accused of something I didn't do
*Experion, Equifax, and TRW
*the IRS
*Masons and any other secret societies
*The New Word Order
*the government
*Art Bell
*being tricked into believing someone here on Live Journal is real, only to find out it's that same, damned person, faking another journal
*losing my hair
*home invasion robberies
*being raped
*bugs in my pantry
*accidentally killing something
*hitting an animal with my car
*what I will face in the afterlife when I review my life
*not living up to my potential
*not using the gifts I've been given
*eggs, milk, and jello
*my karma
*people stealing things from me
*my son growing up and hating me or thinking I was a bad Mother
*trying to get child support from my ex
*my ex beating me or killing me
*my ex in-laws blaming me and hating me, I used to be afraid that they would abandon me, but they've already done that
*always living like this, under my Mother's thumb, and never realing being free
*really gross and dirty public bathrooms
*not being able to go to Burning Man
*my health declining
*taking medications
*doctors putting anything in my butt
*waking up at night and feeling like I have to throw up
*cats peeing on my pillow and things
*spit flying out of someone's mouth while they're talking and going into mine
*catching a cold or getting the flu
*being considered stupid or geeky
*not being liked
*my stomach and stretch marks
*things that eat and attack my roses
*going through customs
*photo developers screwing up my film
*going to prison
*going insane
*losing my memory
*losing my photographs
*osing my writings
*losing data
*computer crashes
*the stock market
*the meat department
*crabs, lice and worms
*microscopic creatures that live in and on me
*being burned at the stake
*vengeful ghosts
*the rapture
*the grave
*the parasites that live on pidgeons
*cataclismic events
*nuclear anything
*my hunger
*decay and rot
*mildew and mould
*being forgotten and
*George W. Bush

I'm sure there's plenty more. My fear is one of my biggest flaws. So what are you afraid of?

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