Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

I saw this man on television who helps reunite people with their lost photographs and possessions after tornadoes have ruined their lives. He collects them and scans them and adds them to this database that he maintains so that people can find their precious lost photos. They showed this man who had lost his two twin sons to a tornado, he had lost all of his photographs and didn't even have one to remember them by, and he found a photo of one of the boys and was so grateful. God, what a lovely thing to do for people. I wish I could find this man and write to him and tell him how much I admire him for doing something so kind. It makes me cry just thinking about it.

I'm watching Blonde, I missed the first half, but Poppy Montgomery is so good. I don't think anyone can really totally personify Marilyn, but she's really good. She doesn't look that much like her but she's so committed and real, she has the sweet baby doll voice, and the eyebrow lift, the little expressions, and the depth of emotion. Her work reminds me a little bit of Kim Basinger. I really like her, but I don't like these stupid actor asides to the camera, it's just kind of lame and corny.

I was reading earlier on this great web site that you can use super glue for putting wounds together. That would be so much nicer for children to save them from the fear of having sutures and for women who tear giving birth. I waited forever while this doctor sewed me up. He was so pissed that he didn't have time to give me an episiotomy and had to sew up a crooked tear. Ha ha.

I'm Paying my Ebay auctions : )

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