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Esther's Party, little boy-men alcoholics, and fav progs.

Hiya Sweetie-pies,

I'm up late listening to Mike Seagal and Coast to Coast, haven't figured out what the hell they're talking about yet, Egyptology and Aliens? I've been cruisin around the net. Found some sweet people and joined iam.com. I'd been wanting to but I put it off because I'm a member of the link which is pretty famous around these parts but it hasn't been too helpful for me yet. Iam.com will at least allow you to make your pages public whereas the link keeps our information private and available only to casting directors and industry professions. Woah wait, I'm not with the link, sheesh, it's castnet. Remind me someday to stop taking diet pills and antidepressants if I ever want to save my brain from further degeneration into some kind of addled mush.

I'm a bit late checking in because I was swamped today. Esther, my assistant/babysitter/friend turned thirty-seven and I wanted to do something for her because her jerk husband certainly wouldn't. Man I don't understand my sex sometimes. Why do we pick men like these?

From the first day I met him, drunk and sprawled across my lawn, there was just, oh I don't know, something about him that said, I may not be such a hot match for your friend Esther. But what did I know? They got together, fought a hell of a lot, and had a little girl who wouldn't be here if they didn't. Although if you'd seen that evil face she was making at dinner, maybe you wouldn't allow me to site her bratty little life as a good reason for their having gotten together ; )

You know what? I feel mean for having said that, I actually love her, even though she can be a serious monster sometimes. There are other times when she's a sweetheart. I was just really upset with the way she acted tonight but you can't expect six year olds to be considerate. And it isn't her fault that she's been coddled and allowed to get away with really bratty behavior and tantrums.

Hugo, Esther's man, is a total selfish, screwed-up jerk, and even though she loves him, she certainly deserves better. He is an insecure, weak, mean alcoholic. However, man-loving gal that I am, I can see what she loves about him. He has that cute naughty little boy thing going that made Robby so appealing to me. I'm going to try to find an alanon meeting in Spanish to take Esther to. I tried to get Hugo into AA but he would need to bottom out pretty badly for that. I mean the guy has been busted for drunk driving and had his car taken away I don't know how many times, right now he's doing community service on the weekends. His doctor told him that if he didn't stop drinking he could die. One time he took Esther's son Eduardo, (this great kid who I love very much), to this area where there were a bunch of "friendly" gang members hanging out, and was encouraging him to pick a fight with them, so he could learn to be a man. Nice hunh? Fucking idiot. God it must be hard to be a guy when you grow up with male roll models like that.

I spent a good part of the day making a card for Esther. I used my Professor Franklin's Instant Art program because I love to mess around with the textures, and Flashbox because I love their cut out tool, and Adobe photo. It looked good and I was proud of it. I gathered a bunch of pics of the kids I'd taken with my Sony Mavica and grouped them together with shots of our cats and a birdie and painted the foreground and then used shots of Esther's balloon bouquet for the background. Then I added some text, printed it out and presto, a pretty art card.

What programs do you guys love and use when you are making art? I have Photoshop and Soap and goo and Kai's power tools and photo paint but you know what is really pathetic? I can't seem to make myself use anything that isn't simple enough for me to figure it out intuitively : ( That's why Dreamweaver is sitting all by it's lonely self on my desktop.

Sending all of you big warm hugs and kisses.

Love you guys,

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