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Here is the obituary I wrote for my Father, that will run in The Los Angeles Times this week

George Black (Jack) Hyland passed away on May 18, 2001. He was ninety years old at the time of his passing.

He is survived by his beloved and devoted wife Jeannette Hunt Hyland; his loving daughter Jacqueline (Jacqui) Wendy Anne Hyland, and his eleven year old grandson Robert (Beau) Dimitrios Hyland Carrillo. He was dearly loved and respected tremendously by his family and friends, and although they are grateful that his passing was peaceful, and came at such a late age, he will be forever missed.

Jack was born in the City of Los Angeles on July 28, 1910. He was the only surviving child of George Hugh and Louise Black Hyland, of Hamilton Ohio. He adored his parents and was particularly close to his uncle on his mother's side. He was a loyal son who throughout his life remembered his parents with great fondness.

He went to St. Monica's Catholic School, and Harvard High School. He graduated from UCLA and was a member of the Zeta Psi fraternity where he made many lifelong friends. He was a true Bruin. He remained a committed and involved alumnus all of his life. He was particularly fond of Bruin football and basketball and was generous in his contributions to anything involving young athletes. He was a lifetime member of The UCLA Chancellor's Associates.

After college he joined his Father in the fruit concentrate business. Later he formed his own bottling company, called K's, and developed and distributed fruit juice sodas. He was very successful at this until the war came and he was called to duty. He entered as a lieutenant and was later promoted to the rank of captain. Unable to run his growing business so far from home, he sold the patents to his popular orange, grape, and pineapple juice sodas, as well as his bottling works to Coca Cola.

Following the war he achieved his greatest business success as a land developer. In the 1950s he formed his company Palisair, and together with his partners, he subdivided and developed much of the Pacific Palisades. He later developed many large subdivisions in Ventura and Ojai, and was responsible for the building of thousands of homes there.

More than he loved football or his beloved courtside season seats to UCLA Bruin basketball at Pauley Pavilion, probably more than he loved anything else on this earth, (besides his wife and daughter), it would have to be said with all honesty, that the love of Jack Hyland's life was golf. He began to play at age eleven. By the time he was in college at UCLA, he was so good, that he was made captain of the team. For his graduation gift, his parents wisely gave him a membership to The Los Angeles Country Club, where he would spend a good part of his life playing the sport he loved so much.

He was a member of several golfing associations. He was also a member of the Eldorado Country Club in Palm Desert and remarkably won the club championship for two years in a row, at the age of seventy and seventy-one. At one time when he was young he was a scratch player which as he always said, was only for a short time. His friends called him Fingers and Pipeline, and often talked about the time he hit a hole in one at a tournament at the Anondale Country Club in Pasadena. He was truly a fine sportsman and a great athlete, and was widely admired for this.

Jack Hyland was a wonderful man. He was gentle, kind, and extremely conscientious. He was a successful businessman, and an accomplished athlete. He was a good and loyal friend. He was a devoted husband to his lovely wife, and a loving Father to his daughter. He will be remembered by those who loved him for all of these qualities, for the sparkle in his eye, and his mischievous sense of humor; for his extraordinary honesty and decency, but most of all he will be remembered as a fine man, a good man, and a man of true character.

In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to The John Douglas French Alzheimer's Foundation, or the charity of your choice.

Funeral services will be held at Holy Cross Church at 11:00 AM. Immediately following the services, there will be a gathering of friends and family at The Los Angeles Country Club. For information regarding the services please call Holy Cross Mortuary, 5835 West Slauson Avenue, Culver City (310) 670-7697.

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