Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

I love Anna May Wong. I'm trying to buy this picture, I'll know in a few hours. I have no money in the bank right now, but I will have a bit in a day or so, not much but enough to buy groceries, pay my ebay debts, and a few things I bought at the swap meet.

I have to rush off because Beau is sitting in teh car waiting for me. He made a picnic for us of vegetarian sausages, apple juice and I don;t know what else. he had it all slung over his shoulder in a sheet. We're going to visit my Dad's grave for Memorial Day, then later I'm dropping him off at home and I'll be picking my Mother up and taking ehr to see Pearl Harbor.

We live under a flight path for the Santa Monica airport and close to the Veterans Memorial Cemetery. All day we've been seeing old WWII bombers flying in formation overhead, it's pretty stirring to see them. We've also been hearing rifle salutes from the cemetery. It's pretty moving in a sad, war remembering way. I've been writing to a few of my Japanese friends today while all of this kind of patriotic remembrance has been going on. I think people are worried that the movie about the attack on Pearl Harbor will stir up anti-Japanese sentiments. I don't think that will happen. War is cruel from all sides, we committed crimes against the Japanese as well, interring them in camps is one horrible thing that comes to mind, and having just been to see the Dalai Llama at UCLA, I'm more of a mind to feel compassion and understanding. I honor the men and women who died for us, but I am very anti-war, so I'm able to feel remorse and compassion at the same time.

Oh too funny my ferret just spit up a hairball, never seen that before, I was so worried.

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