Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

I got this off a link on aol, but thought you guys might think it was interesting. Winning an Oscar has been my life's dream/goal.

May 16, 2001
Oscars Prolong Life: Study
Good news for Julia Roberts and Russell Crowe: You get to live through a whole extra Presidential administration. According to a new study on the effect that winning an Academy Award has on an actor, winners of Hollywood's golden trophy live nearly four years longer than their non-winning colleagues. "Once you get the Oscar, it gives you an inner sense of peace and accomplishment that can last for your entire life, and that alters the way your body copes with stress on a day-to-day basis," Dr. Donald A. Redelmeier, a medical professor at the University of Toronto -- and co-author of the study -- told the Associated Press. His investigation takes into account those who are never even nominated, which in his view is the same as not winning. (In other words, no four extra years at the actors' retirement home.) The study was published in Tuesday's Annals of Internal Medicine and included all 762 actors and actresses ever nominated for an Academy Award in a leading or supporting role. Late Oscar-winning examples cited are John Gielgud (dead at 96), George Burns (100), Greer Garson and Helen Hayes (both 92). Among the living, there's Kate Hepburn, who turned 94 last Saturday and has more Oscars than anybody (four, which translates into 16 extra years).

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