Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Here's an ad I made for my ex to use so he can earn enough money to pay us child support, ha, ha.

I'm pretty lame at this but you get the idea.

God it is so hard to make decisions sometimes. I seem to be functioning on so little energy. I had set up an appt. with Mr. Nice Guy, the handyman, but after talking to you about it, I decided I'd better cancel with him and go with this other guy. The problem with the Mr. Nice Guy guy is that he has to schedule everything around his meetings, which wouldn't bother me that much if the vibe I get when I talk to him wasn't so weird. It's just that when I speak to him on the phone my instinct seems to say danger. I think somewhere along the line, probably from neglecting my own inner voice for so long, I've learned to mistrust it, or question it, and then I get confused.

When I opened the Yellow Pages my eye was immediately drawn to this guy's ad. I'm a sucker for a charming alcoholic, so that's probably what drew me to it, but I had called some other people and after speaking with MNG and setting up an appt. with him for today, another handyman called and just sounded so much more stable. (Hmmm I'm noticing I use so much, too much, heh.) The second guy, Tim, works for a hardware store and is part of their handyman team. He comes with insurance and referrals, and hasn't asked me if I knew a good dentist, or complained about his aching tooth, or called on the wrong day to tell me that he can't make it, like MNG has. I was going to call MNG last night and cancel but before I knew it, it was ten at night, and it felt inconsiderate to call that late, so I put it off till just now. When I called him he told me that he'd been to see my dentist and liked him, but was worried about the cost. Then he got into some other weird personal stuff about his credit and relationship with "a lady". I didn't have the courage to tell him the truth so I lied (doesn't that suck) and told him I'd call back next week to reschedule. It's a relief that I won't have to deal with this guy who just sets off itchy alarm feelings inside me, but I feel guilty and worried that he might just have been a Mr. Nice Guy and I'm throwing myself to the sharks instead.

Last night when I spoke to the other handyman, Tim, he told me that he's booked up like mad and that he's leaving on a trip in a few days. I told him that all I needed was an hour of his time to hang a few picture frames, and another hour somewhere to change a bunch of bulbs that are too high up for me to get to. He said he'd squeeze in an hour at the end of his day today. When I called to confirm with him today, he answered his phone and then sounded wishy washy about it. He said he'd call me and let me know if he can get to me today. I reminded him that he'd told me to cancel with the other guy and that he had committed to coming for an hour. He whined about this a bit and then sort of agreed that he had committed. He told me he'd call me later.

Man, these guys make fifty dollars an hour! Is it really this hard to find someone who isn't weird who can come out and hang a few pictures? This just makes me mad at my ex (Howie cover your ears, la, la , la, la,) who is an experienced, fine finish carpenter, and a licensed bonded contractor. He tells me how little work he has, that for the entire month of May he has barely been able to scrape together forty hours worth of work. Maybe he should put an ad in the paper and call himself Mr. Run-Around, or Mr. Sleazy, or Mr. Won't Pay His Way or wait better yet Mr. Compulsive, the Backstabbing, Betraying Liar! I think I'll go make an ad for him.

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