Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

My Grandmother's Dresses On Auction and Meeting Tom Hanks Again.

Oooh lookey another one of my grannies dresses on ebay. I wrote to the seller, I'm hoping to buy it direct from her, we'll see. Little by little I'm building up a collection but my Mother thinks that the ones I find are all ugly. My Grandmother designed some really amazing dresses, the truly great ones are probably in people's collections; maybe Demi and Winona Ryder's storage units.

Okay well I'm off to beg for money, wish me luck, I ahve a lot of checks to cover, ack.

Stressed out hugs,

Here's another one I'm bidding on. It'll look better in person. I outbid the person who was bidding on it and because I felt sorry for her I wrote her a little note explaining why I wanted it so badly and telling her not to feel bad that she was outbid because it's going to the designer's family. I'm so sweetly naive in this way, I forget that people want what they want, and don't really give a damn about other people. Auctions are meant to be ruthless. Anyway her response was to go back to the auction and drive my bid way up by bidding against me seven or eight times before she finally gave up.

Oh and I forgot to tell you I sat next to Tom Hanks, and his wife Rita Wilson, and their kids at the dog park the other day. I was too shy to acknowledge that I knew who they were so I just smiled and played with their dog. They have a cute dog, she/he liked my dog : ) I ran into him, literally, once before at the toy store. I have always been sorry I didn't somehow make something of it, you know, hand him my business card or something. From everything I've heard about him he's a sweetheart to fellow actors and crew. I was feeling too shy at the dog park and he had other people around him, so I just reverted to my, be polite and friendly, but don't drool over this actor you love, persona. You kind of have to do that when you live here, I run in to so many people, sometimes I think it's God's way of saying that I'm just as special as anyone else and to have more faith.

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