Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Checking In : )

Hi Gang, I've been busy dealing with desk-work and computer-work today. I've been hacking away at the eBay jungle weeds that have grown up too high and are choking the life out of me. How do people do it, keep their eBay buying and paying organized and timely? It drives me mad. I want so badly to
be the world's greatest eBay buyer-someday-seller but it's hard. The biggest thrill for me is being able to find one of my grandmother's dresses. She was a fashion designer. I'm debating whether or not to paste my big long Peggy Hunt history post in here and...nope, I'll do it another time because I really wanted to keep this short and sweet, ha ha. Yeah right, with my issues?

Still working through the pain around attempting to reunite with my birthfamily and their continued rejection of me. They all live in New Jersey which is why I collect these vintage postcards. They give me a sense of biological rootedness, if that makes any sense. it hurts having a brother and two sisters who I have nothing to do with. I always fantasized that when they found out about me they would be so happy and we would finally have the sense of reunion and camaraderie I had always dreamed of but when I finally spoke with my sister for the first time, she was as cold and distant as my birth mother. Ouch : ( Oh well, *shrug*.

Short and sweet, hmmmmm, okay how's this for short and sweet?

Ha ha ha ; )

Actually there's a baseball game going on somewhere near here and I can here people rooting and cheering. The sun is shining through my windows and my birds here and chirping wiht the birds outside in my patio. The splashing sounds of the fountain are really nice too. Off to take a shower and then a walk with my man (I hope) and Beau.

Love you guys,

Come the see the journal of a real jerk,

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