Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

I borrowed this gif from kistaferret animal shelter, if you love ferrets you will really like her site. She seems like the nicest person and has done so much to rescue horribly abused and neglected ferrets.

I love my ferrets so much, for vicious little carnivores, they are the sweetest creatures in the world. I just can't let them near anybody smaller than them, they have a super high propensity for wanting to kill things.
Other than that, they're so much fun and really adorable, ha ha ; ) Seriously I adore my ferret friends. I call my friend ana, anawee for ana-weasel, and also for ana-wee as in little, because she's tiny and because she's almost as cute as my little ferrets, hee hee.) At one point I was looking to find a great home to place them in because it was all getting to be too much for me and I was questioning my ability to care for them lovingly enough, but now I have bonded too closely with them to ever let them go, so I have just accepted the work that I gladly devote to their care.

No one here will play with or handle them, everyone is too afraid, and my little girl is unusually nippy, even our vet thought so. I think that if you let them know that you are not afraid and don't pull your hand away in a jerky fast way, and let them bite you but don't react, and consistently provide love, affection and treats, they will be wonderful with you. I think animals are super sensitive and psychic and can perceive or smell fear in a person. If they read fear from you they think you're unstable and might bite them, so they bite first out of a self protective kind of instinct. Well, that's my theory anyway.

I love when someone or something has disparate qualities. Maybe because it reminds me of myself. It's always about you isn't it? Well, it's my journal. I've always lived this kind of split life; a radical raised by conservatives; a Democrat among Republicans; someone who seems to be surrounded with money but who keeps herself poor; an openhearted, equal-minded, generous person raised by tightfisted racists; someone who deplores racism but who will go to The LA Country Club for various family events; a brave woman who sometimes can't stand up for herself; an artist in a relatively ordinary shell; a Mother who takes her child to Burning Man; a fat actress, I could go on and on.

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