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What famous Oscar winning actor likes to urge himself on by saying his own name when he climaxes?

I just came by to share some celebrity gossip with you. Hmmm how can I do this without getting anyone in trouble? Damn. Well, let's just say that there's a certain celebrity that I had a recent dream about and subsequently purchased many of his older films. I was talking to a friend today whose brother is a very successful bla bla bla, he said that when Mr. X was working on his latest film, the most recently released one, he was having an affair with a famous actress, but unbeknownst to her, he was screwing a lot of other women at the same time. He's a major puss hound, I've heard this so many times from lots of people, so that's no surprise, but the funny story I heard today is that two different women who don't know each other, told my friend's brother, after having had very brief flings with Mr. X, that every time they had sex, right before and while he was cumming he liked to say, let's just pick the name Raymond here,"Go Raymond! Go Raymond! Go Raymond!" Gross! How self absorbed can you get? No wonder it didn't last with the famous actress. Can you imagine saying your own name when you climax. He must be a pig.

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