Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

This post is actually yesterday's but Live Journal was down so I'm putting it up now.

Hi Everyone, I'm back. I went away for the night to Ventura with my Scotti for his birthday. We had a really nice time and managed to squeeze a lot of vacation into a very tiny amount of time. We stayed at this hotel that's right on the water and it was so nice listening to the sound of the ocean. I really need to do that every so often, it's so soothing to me. We had fun feeding the rock squirrels and we got to swim in the pool and lay out in the sun. There was a wedding and we saw the bride, I always love that, brides and pregnant women. We had a bad Sunday brunch in a restaurant with an amazing 360 degree view of the mountains and the city and the beach. I wanted to sit on the turn table thing in the middle of the restaurant, it spins slowly around and you get to move along and see the view, but it made me too queasy, so we sat next to the window on the lower level. I had fun shopping today, but poor Scott was so weary and bored. He was really good about it. I think we are really reaching a place where we accept each other and support each other as we are. In the past I might have been disappointed that he wouldn't accompany me while I shopped. That didn't even occur to me today, mostly I just felt badly for him. You know what? I am just too tired to write any more. I wanted to tell you all about it but I just can't. I'm tooo tired. Okay, night, night.


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