Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

I'm finishing up my little vintage actress tags for my organizer baskets in my bathroom. I am sitting here writing back to people, listening to Art Bell, and running these things througha mini-laminating machine that I ahve placed on a stool between my legs. The rats need water. I need to pee. I am sooo tired. I still have some work to do on my lace/button lampshades. I kept burning my fingers on the glue gun so I bought a low melt one. I still ahve to make my Steiff animals look pretty on their shelves, hang up pictures, decorate my bulletin boards, chalk dust my newly painted chalkboard/headboard to tone down the color a bit, do somethign with my tiara-wedding-crown collection, oh shoot and put up the lace ribbons and hang my hair jewels and things on them. I'll just have to get this done tomorrow. I really need to sleep.

I could swear I just heard someone on the radio say that we should be careful when camping to avoid catching the plague. The PLAGUE?


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