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More magazine shooting today.

Well, the Mary Englebreit people are still here. I made little laminated nudie gal tags for everyone. I signed a release and they gave me a form where I could list a few people to send comps to. There was a little paper that Sunday had out that listed all of the shots the main editor wanted her to get of the different projects they're shooting. She was originally going to come herself but then couldn't because they're conducting some kind of focus study for the cover of the magazine, and she needs to be in New York for that, I think. It's just as well for me because I love seeing Sunday. I've always liked her, she's just so sweet, and talented, and fun to be around : )

Mom just got her American Express bill, that's always a thrill and a half to go over with her, bleh. I know how lucky I am that she supports me but it's so hard to deal with. It's never easy, never has been. The emotional price is so high sometimes I wonder why I'm so stuck in this interchange. I used to work before. I loved my last job. I loved earning my own money. This way I feel kind of like this greedy whore and I hate it. I just inherited a substantial amount of money from my Father but I don't dare bring it up or ask my Mother about it. Having to part with some of the money is really upsetting to her, she's panicking about it. Poor thing. It's so sad because no matter how she acts, (some of you may remember that she hit me with her car, twice, last year) I will always love her. She seems to think that because we're different in some ways, some very fundamental ways, that she has to control me with money in order to keep me around. She never learned that butterfly thing.

Okay back to take more pictures for you. I'll put this stuff up some time soon. I just don't know what the best way would be. What do you guys do when you have a lot of thumbs? What sites do you recommend for hosting?

Okay me go, hugs,

PS: I'm getting itchy for Burning Man.

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