Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Oooh look another A.C. Johnston Ziegfeld gal. I wish I could afford one of these. I am seriously going to have to start selling things on eBay if I am going to be able to buy anything else, yikes.

Oh I have a quick funny story about my dog, ack I'm so late and I have to pick up my Beauie, it's his last day of school, yeay!!! You guys remember our new dog, the wild, sweet puppy Laika right? Well, my housekeeper/assistant Noemi who I am now afraid to write about because she's online now on the weekends when she goes home, hates this dog because it means a lot of extra work for her. I love the puppy and want to keep her, but I also want to do what's right for her, and another home where she would get more one on one attention might be better, sigh. I've been taking her to the celebrity dog park a lot and we both get exercise and she comes home too tired to bark as much as she likes to, thank God. So yesterday we were there really late, it being the longest day of the year the sun was up forever, and this handsome man came up to me and asked me if puppy was still available for adoption. I said yes, that reluctantly she was, and we started talking about his possibly adopting her. I kind of looked him over to suss out if he was a nice guy and could afford to care for her, well, I'm not going to save her life and spend thousands of dollars on her (literally thousands of dollars and still climbing, the fence contractors are working beneath my window as I write this,) and then just turn her over to anyone, so I asked him where he lived and a couple other questions. He said that he wanted to get another dog, a rescue dog, to be a pal with his dog Darla (Little Rascals), but that his wife was in New York and that he didn't; want to do anything without her approval. She had been to the pound just that morning and hadn't; found anyone. He asked if I could come back and he could take pictures to e-mail to his wife. I agreed and we walked to his car.

After he left this skinny little guy came up to me and in this whiny voice said, "You know who his wife is don't you?" I thought, Oh Lord save me from these cliquish celebrity obsessed people, but I was curious so I said, "Nope I don't know." So then he said, with great dramatic flair, beat, beat, "Brooke Shields." I'm sure she's a sweetheart of a person, and her husband seemed very kind, but honestly I don't understand these people, they're so fannish and obsessed with the industry. I mean, I think it would be lovely if this nice man and his successful pretty wife adopted my sweet little dog, providing they turned out to be great dog parents, he certainly seemed to care about his dog Darla. It would sure be nice if poor puppy, about whom my nasty neighbor said, "Jacqui you could afford any dog in the world. I just don't understand why, of all the beautiful dogs out there, you would have to pick a mangy mixed up stray pit bull. You'll never find a home for her." What a laugh and a half that would be to tell him that Brooke Shields and Chris Henchey had adopted her.

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