Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,


Uh oh, I'm talking to my Mom on the telephone, her gardener passed by with the leaf blower and she freaked out and dropped the phone, "That's illegal, 'It's illegal Jacqui isn't it?' It's illegal! I don't want it! I don't want it! I'm not going to listen to that all day long! You stop that. Stop that right now! You use a broom! You use a broom! I'm not going to listen to it. That's illegal. Rosa!!! Venga aqui!" I'm just stuck here in limbo...waiting for her to remember that she dropped the phone and wandered off...maybe she's forgotten I'm on the phone. She called to yell at me about going to Fred Segal's to get my hair done...here she is, "Oh Jacqui, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, the gardener was using that blowing machine, that's illegal. I just can't stand it!" She drops me on the table again, "Now wait a minute. How are you going to get all of that stuff down off the hill? This is ridiculous, Christ!" She's back, "You know it's like your girl, he hasn't done his job, and the inspectors came along, and then I had to pay $1,500.00 to get it all cut down. I had to pay all of this money just to take care of what he should have been doing all along. And that blower...and what good does that blower do? They just blow it one way and then the other. Oh I don't know, that blower! I just can't take it. Oh Rosa please open the windows! I just can't stand it, all of the windows are closed so I'm just sweltering in the heat here. Oh my God, golly, what a nice breeze. Do you have your windows open darling? Don't use your air conditioning, save a little money, use your windows."

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