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Hi Everyone,

I went away for a couple of days with my guy. We went to our second favorite hotel in Ventura. I had a great time with him. It was so good for us to be able to be alone together without kids or animals making demands on my time and attention. We fed the rock squirrels and the seagulls. We swam in the pool. There was a big concert going on at the Seaside Park next to the hotel. We ate at the Jamaican restaurant that Scott likes and the Froggy themed restaurant that I like. We were happy together. Now I miss him.

I ordered dinner from LA to go, it was unbelievably, expensive and I sooo hungry. It took two and one half hours to get here, argh, grrrr. I'm a good regular customer. Do you think they apologized or gave me a discount? Nope.

The kids are really bugging me to take them to the dog park. I told them I'd take them after dinner, but I never knew dinner would take so long to get here, and that it would be dark when it did. They still want to go though, sigh.

I really want this picture, it's just so, well, me.

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