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Hi Everybody, I think I got sick yesterday because I had to double up on my birth control pills because I missed a day. I felt so weird, so maybe my blood pressure went up or something, I had to lie down, blah, I hate this stuff, I feel so old. I felt better after a while and then we tried to go to Best Buys to buy a video camera because my old one broke, either before or after I loaned it to my housekeeper/assistant/pal's son Eduardo, to shoot his graduation. I bought it in Hawaii last year and don't even remember where, so I doubt I could figure out how to get it repaired under warranty, and besides I want a really good digital one so I can make mini movies. Im looking forward to taking it to Burning Man.

I'm going to go deal with my registration blechyness at the DMV today. Always a big thrill, weeee. I cleaned the ferrets cage and gave all of the rats a cherry. It's so much fun watching them roll them around in their little tiny ratty hands. My cat Shadow is realllly sick, we've only had him for a year and I love him but I haven;t been able to get as attached to him as I am to some of the other kitties. He's really shy and wont let anyone hold him, if you try he runs to the fireplace and climbs up inside it. The vet bill at this point is so far beyond my means, I'm going to have to charge it to my Mom who will flip, and even if I didn't buy this camera or anything else for the rest of the Summer I still couldn't; afford to pay for the exploratory surgery and then possible chemo for his possible lymphoma, plus I think it's cruel to give cats chemo. So far we're over three grand, and the surgery would be at least another thousand more. I'm sad but trying to keep it at a distance from my heart. I'm sure it'll hit me harder when we go to visit him tonight. We ave a couple of other kitties who are looking thin and worrying me, plus we need to get people neutered and spayed. We also have baby bunnies who are so darned cute with those tiny little buck teeth. Their Mom is being super protective of them though so we can't cuddle or kiss them yet.

We're going to Palm Springs for the fourth. It's really hot but we love it there. I'll get to do some nude sunbathing to build up a tan and my resistance to sunburning for Burning Man.

Oh, and all of my obscure, Australian, Russell Crowe videos, that I bought on Ebay, have been rolling in, and I watched a couple last night. I'm sorry but he is so sexy, I can't help myself. I don't care that he's rumored to be a self centered womanizing bastard. I'm a sucker for good acting and masculine broodiness. Of course I went to bed hoping I'd have a hot Russell Crowe dream and instead I had a dream about Meg Ryan.

Okay well, off I go to battle my dragons.

Love you guys,

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