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Six Feet Under, The Anniversary Party, and Sex With Dogs

We're back. I'm tired. My dogs are fighting. Not good.

We left Palm Springs last night at around one I think and pulled in at about three. I missed my man and my kitties so much. Phones ringing, should I get it. Ahhh that was Veronica with Quality Carpet Cleaning and they are currently offering specials on their five step process. The fact that we don't have any carpet got her off the phone fast. I wish that worked with the long distance providers who call. "Would you like to take advantage of our great rates and super long distance calling plan?" "I don't have any carpet." "Oh okay then, have a great day." Oooh what if that worked with Jehovah's Witnesses, or Hare Krishnas or those kids who come to the door selling magazines and asking me to rate their professional ability?

Is it just me or is Sex and the City getting wilder? Not that I mind, I'm just wondering. Last night on the way home we were listening to AM Talk Radio and Tim and Neil were interviewing a Zoo-something-or-other, basically a person who likes to have sex with animals. Wow, was that a challenging listen. Part of me thought he was a monstrous freak, and another part tried to be open minded, knowing how much I love my own animals (well not in that way, eeep.) Considering that I'm not exactly normal and that I like to go to Burning Man and hang out at nude resorts and am supportive of friends various sexual preferences and partnering arrangements, I do try to understand where people are coming from, but this just seemed so deviant and freaky. Another zoo-whatever, a woman, called in who had a "lover," a golden retriever, for nine years, who had died and she just hasn't been able to "open up" to having another relationship with a dog. She mainly did it missionary style, oh man, and her husband was fine with this.

The guy who was the main guest said that he is bisexual with dogs, always gets their consent, and sometimes has one night stands. Can you fucking imagine that? How do you have a one night stand with a dog? Do you invite that friendly new coworker over for dinner only to learn that he seduced your dog while you were stirring the pasta, or does he like to pick up partners at the dog park, and how would that work? "Hellllooo there, that's a very nice looking dog you've got there, can I take her for a little stroll? Heh, Heh."

My favorite cable show is still Six Feet Under. It's soooo good, so well written, funny, moving, weird. I just love it. Please try to see it and tell me what you think. I think it's amazing!

Oh and I finally saw The Anniversary Party, and loved it! I liked it so much I saw it twice. It was shot on digital video. Jennifer Jason Leigh and Allan Cummings co-wrote, produced, and directed. Scott had mentioned it to me and I had been waiting till we could get together to see it. I saw it in Palm Springs and liked it so much I went back the next day to study it. There are a lot of interviews and articles about it on line, so rather than repeat anything that's already been written, I think it would be best if you started out at the film's website. Jennifer Jason Leigh's sister plays her neighbor in the film and she's really good, as are all of the other members of the cast. It's really good. It seemed improvised but it was entirely scripted. I really liked the section with the toasts, and the charades, and loved that shot across the pool when everyone has taken ecstasy.

I feel really inspired to make my own documentaries and mini-films. I bought a new video camera, I'm excited. I'm going to produce a Burning Man documentary project film thing. I know it's been done and done but not from my perspective or the perspective of my little eleven year old green haired monster. I wish I knew how to find people there who would be willing to make love on camera. It would be so great to juxtapose that with our camp, Kid's Camp, love, sexuality, innocence, wildness, the whole beautiful picture of life lived freely in happy community. Did Bianca's go underground or something?

Okay back to the grind, blech.


PS: I think it sucks when beautiful places like The Post Ranch Inn, and Ventana in Big Sur, won't allow children. Escrew them. That's exactly how a certain nude resort lost our business in Palm Springs. We are much happier anyway at Desert Shadows.

"But I am a possessive, fragile neurotic!"
Jennifer Jason Leigh as Sally Nash in The Anniversary Party

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