Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

On Vacation Along the Coast of California

Okay well I'm off for a ten day trip along the coast of California with my little boy and my Mother. Wish me luck. I'm nervous.

I'll try to check in if I can get the laptop to work, otherwise I'll have to find Internet cafes. I'm excited and frightened. I think there is a part of me that is still trying to get Mother love and naively hoping for a happy sense of family togetherness and love of adventure and discovery. Unfortunately while Beau and I will be getting off on that, my Mother's focus will be mostly on food. I wish I had a more positive outlook but I'm a bit scared because our phone conversation this morning didn't; go too well. She persists in treating me like I'm about thirteen or fourteen, yuck, sigh.

We're going to Ventura first for two nights. Beau and I like to comb the beach for sea glass and shells and the sand dunes are full of horny toads and little beachy creatures. Next we'll be in Santa Barbara for two nights. Mom will have lunch with friends and we'll go to the aquarium to see what they have in their touch tanks. I'm hoping for nudibranchs, one of my favorite little creatures in the world. We'll probably visit our friends at the Tenth Life Foundation. They're like us, they have a billion kitties. After Santa Barbara we're going to Cambria, yeay, Cambria. We'll stay on Moonstone Beach and spend more time hunting for beach treasures, especially moonstones, which are really just agate pieces that have washed down from the mountains and become iridescent when tumbled in the sea. We used to go to the Inn and visit the peacocks but I think they flew away. My favorite store in Cambria is Heart's Ease, this really sweet garden store, full of teas and herbs and antiquey garden stuff. You'd love it.

After Cambria we'll go to Carmel where we'll poke around the shops and spend time at the Monterey bay Aquarium and get to pet bat rays, yeay, yeay. Beau is dying to visit his mission. He did his fourth grade mission project on the Carmel mission and is reallly into it. So you can see, we're into nature and sweet historical things and I doubt my Mom will get into that. I'm sure we'll bring little things up to her for her to see, and try to share our experiences with her, but she just wont get it. Hopefully we can keep her busy with massages and food and crossword puzzles.

I'll miss you guys.

Love you,

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