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Have you guys seen, Talking During The Movie, on the Indy Film Channel? I've never seen this before and I'm loving it!!! How great to see a movie with the director (Lee Tamahori) talking over it. It's soo great to be able to get inside the director's head, to learn why he did what he did, what he loves about his film, what he had to cut, what he fought to save, who he cast and why. It's really, really great. Of course I wish I'd seen this movie before because then it would mean more to me, but its still really informative and interesting.

This is an upsetting movie about Maori culture. I only tried to learn a bit about the Maoris after I saw The Piano. So far, in this film, we've got wife beating and alcoholism, and the lead character looks a lot like my, I-wish-he-were-my, ex. The movie is very realistic and tough. I never knew that Maori gang members tattoo their faces in stages according to their status in the gang.

God how I love movies, movie making, and directing. When am I going to get out of this maze and do my right work?

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