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Watching the Big Brother Live Feed, While Waiting For The Klonopin To Kick In

Hey Gang,

I'm watching the live feed from Big Brother. I was so addicted to the last show. I loved it. Everyone tells me that I'm in the minority in having liked it so much. Who cares, I liked it. I like it when people are nice to each other and boring, it makes me happy. I haven't even seen this show yet, I wanted to watch it Tuesday but got caught up in something else in Cambria. I didn't even know it was on the other day. God how weird this is, watching this guy put on face cream and blowing his nose, woah now he's checking a zit I think, so weird. i am such a voyeur.

Xanax(sp?)? Man everyone gets this stuff, I so want some, Ana are you reading this? Just put a few in an envelope and send them to me, please? Hey we could start a prescription drug sharing thing, you know, kind of like package buddies, but for people who have plenty of what someone else wants and can't get. I've got the antidepressants and sleeping medications covered, oh and the (what the hell is this guy doing, oh I know, contacts, that must be what this is), Ritalin, of course. I heard on the radio tonight that one of these few little pain pills I have left from tooth trouble is worth eighty dollars on the black market. You know my psychiatrist would just die if she read this, I actually gave her the address so she could more carefully scrutinize my behavior, although I'm sure she doesn't have the time or inclination.

You know every day we live we're just one day closer to death.
You know I'm depressed enough as it is without you too talking about this shit.
I'm saying shut the Fuck up, why don't you just shut the Fuck up?

Do these people seem a bit harsher to you? I haven't watched enough yet, but it's clear they're going to shoot for conflict and excitement. I've already heard about the knife thing and the three way. People are so fascinating to me. I'm so glad they're giving this another try. These guys are just so self conscious and competitive and creepy though. They'll grow on me, I hope.

One of my kitties is crying at my office door. I think it's Lui.

Don't be Fucking picky. Shut up and take this massage. I don't take shit from people when I'm giving a massage.

Okay I'm just guessing this but I think these people are tired and want to go to bed, but are staying up in order to maximize their chances of getting more air time. Hey Scotti one of these guys is talking about having sex on a papazon (sp?) on a porch in the rain. The guys seem so gross and crass to me. Heh, heh, heh, let's get back to talking about Will banging this chick on the papazon.

Hey this one guy said he knocked out four of his teeth, and he picked them up, and popped them back into the holes in his mouth, and they lived. He said they were loose for a year but they eventually lived. Eeeeew, teeth stories. I have nightmares about my teeth falling out. I never knew you could stick them back in if they fell out. My poor screwed up teeth, I don't even want to go there, bleeee.

Oh rude man, he just said that the massage wasn't working for him, and the gal who was giving it said, "Oh, well, okay." Then the older lawyer guy said something about it, and the other guy shot him down. Wow these guys are pretty harsh with each other.

If I had to lose one of my limbs which one would I choose? Huh. How about a boob? I'd rather lose a boob than a limb. (Yikes, anyone heard of breast cancer, how about a boob? Where did they find these people?)

Hey I wish I could act like Clinton and get a get out of jail free card. Hell I'd like to go out and get me a blow job from a twenty two year old model and get out of it. Well it could be a twenty three year old, what the hell, I'll go for the old ones.

Yikes. They want us to be pissed off right? This is supposed to stir us up and get us talking? Man this is some seriously ugly sexist behavior. Maybe it'll look different to me tomorrow, after I've done a bit of research, and catching up, I don't know though. Is this how guys talk? "I banged this hot chick," and, "It was all beautiful in the rain, with the mist, and the moonlight, and then we banged."

Huh, one of the cats fell asleep outside my door and is snoring. I can't let them in here or they'll fight with the ferrets and the ratties and Mr. Chinchilla.

Oh yeay a tootsie pop, I just found one in my drawer, yeay, sugar, that'll help me sleep.

Nightie night.



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