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Hi Pals,

We're off for a birthday party. Scott, Beau, and me. My friend Monique's, little girl Angela, is one now. She's going to give her a healthy cake from Manni's bakery. She wanted puppets, so we bought puppets; a rat puppet, (because damnit rats are wonderful), a little dragon puppet, and a basket of baby birds, puppet. You stick your fingers in the babies and they bob up and down for food, so cute.

Beau is in a bad mood. He stayed up too late last night. He does so much beter when I keep him on a schedule. He just wont put himself to bed when he's tired. I guess thats typical for a child. He wants me to take a shower with him, RIGHT NOW! Argh, and I have more e-mail to get to.

My friend Susan was upset/hurt because we went on our trip when she was performing her one woman show. I sent her an apology e-mail, a postcard, and called, and when I hadn't heard back from her, I thought, well, thats it, I've just lost another friend because of my screwed up inability to retain or recall anything. Fortunately she called me today and I feel a bit relieved.

Okay well, I must run off to pee and get ready. Of course I feel like I'm not giving enough to Angela, thats just so typically me. I never feel like I'm doing enough for people. Gee, Mom, I wonder where I got this delightful little bit of insecurity from. I want to yank it out of me by it's wild hairy root.

I'm still stressing out over Noemi. She told Esther she wants to quit soon anyway.

Love you guyz, your pal,

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