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I'm not really feeling artistic, I just love to look at the little kitty painting, hee.

I wish this was bigger, it's so cute. Hey I'm having trouble getting through to anawee, her journal is acting funky. I found an old, kind of corny postcard, that looked like it had a chin on it, and I wanted to post it on her journal, but no luck. Then I got stuck there and everything froze up and I couldn't get out no matter what. I wanted to see her glow in the dark braids too, but the bar was frozen and I couldn't move up or down. I spose I could call, maybe I will, maybe I won't, sometimes I'm phone shy.

I'm talking to my boyfriend Scott right now and need to call my friend Susan, but I can't remember if she said she'd call me. You know, I think I'm actually getting worse, memory wise. What a hellish syndrome for a gal like me to have. Sigh

I'm worried a bit about my Mother. She has all of these health problems and is so spacey and forgetful (sound like anyone else you know?) On Friday she was in so much pain she couldn't even get out of bed, couldn't walk to the bathroom. She called her friend whose son-in-law is a famous orthopedic surgeon and asked if she could get her in but he was in surgery all morning and never even bothered to have his office call her back. No today she is throwing up. It's so scary when your parents need help but are too independent and tough to let you help out. I just went ahead and called her regular doctor and told the nurse what was going on and begged them to call her and talk her in to coming in, so she made an appointment for this afternoon.

Gelato is in the hospital (400.00 so fa with an estimate of 800.00 OMG), she was severely dehydrated. They hooked her up to an IV and ran blood tests. Apparently she has really messed up teeth and gums (we've only had her for a year) and is going to need oral surgery and will need to be anaesthetized for that. I don't know if she is strong enough, so I want them to be sure first.

I have so much to do, lots of little mundane, annoying things like cleaning, and picking up Eduardo's computer, getting through all of this e-mail, writing a letter to my tenant, going to the market, having a big huge orgasm (just kidding), that kind of stuff. What I really want to do is just go lay down on my bed, listen to the fountain, and flip television channels. At least I got the phone man here, and all three of our phone lines work, and the phones in my master bathroom and the library are working again. Yeay.

Here's what my Faierie Healing cards have to say;
Visualization, Vacation, and Problem Solved, Hmmmm...

I just had a vacation, maybe being the peacemaker/go-between-gal for my Mother and my little guy isn't vacating enough. Hopefully Burning Man will count. Tick tick tick. I need some kind of affordable playa transportation. We can't haul anything behind the motor home because it's a rental. I would so love to have a wacky golf cart. I'd love to give people rides and zoom around at night. I took my lime green scooter last year but it's electric and wouldn't; go for any distance or length of time.

Hey would someone cue me in to what the hell is going on with Bianca's Smut Shack? I have tried to hook up with those people for three years now and just can't seem to work it out. I am such a voyeur and would so love to find some kind of participatory lovingness to watch or play with somehow. I went by Bianca's last year and it was a bigger tent with people dancing and lounging around, but nothing happy, if you know what I mean. I became kind of convinced that the big tent was sort of a kind of larger tourist site and that the more private activities were taking place elsewhere, what thinketh you?

This one is for my Scotti.

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