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Fuck Fuck Fuck. The vet just called. Gelato is in renal failure. That's advanced kidney disease. Why? God, I just lost Shadow and then the bunny, now Gelato. I know what this means, it means a slow wasting away, sticking needles in her and putting fluids under her skin, until she gets so sick I have to choose to have her killed. Life is so fucking mean sometimes. Why Gelato? She is such a nice sweet gentle loving cat. We only adopted her a year ago from Gia. Of course her family won't want to contribute any money to help. I'm totally strained and my Mother is freaking out about all of the charges. Just last night they charged me over two thousand for the remainder of Shadow's nightmare bill and four hundred, I think, towards this new one, and the other hospital just called to remind me that I owe 800.00! for the bunny. I ahte these guys, they charge so much money and I feel like it's such a rip-off. I feel so at their mercy and helpless and I din;t trust them anymore. I'm so pissed off. I know I should be serene and accepting and go meditate, but I'm just so fucking pissed. I LOVE my cat friends, why do they always have to be sick? Thank God I can't blame myself for renal failure or I would.

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