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Hi Pals,

I'm still slogging away at the computer, gonna send all of todays envelopes off soon. The tesnion in my neck is better but still present, it's more evenly distributed and spread out. Ack.

I took some pictures of the kids today, they were so cute, fighting and making little bunny ears or cuernos (devil's horns) over eachother's heads. Sadly this brought up for beau the time he was at his creepy paternal grandmother's house and she got really mad at him for making little bunny ears over his father's head. He never thought of them as devil ears and was just having fun, but because she's Mexican (and greeeeek, don't forget that, oh God no) she sees it as this terrible insult and always fights with her children when they play as they take pictures. It's particularly galling to me that she feels protective of Robby against Beau, as if I would poison my son against him. How stupid. She never knew me at all, or she would never asume something as stupid as that.

Hey, today is the fourteenth anniversary of my wedding to the man who won't call us, or bother to divorce me, making me some kind of wife sister to the woman he left me for and married in Las Vegas, weeeeee. I'm okay though, I love my manfriend and have a beautiful son and a house full of cats. If that isn't enough there's always the sound of splashing water in the fountain just outside my window, and the gentle sounds of exploding toy bomb bags in the distance, as my happy non-competitive child, romps and plays in the middle of the busy street refusing to share his shiny silver packets of noise with our new room mates. Ahhh and now comes the incessant honking of my mother, how lovely...

I guess I'll post these adoption writings later, argh.

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