Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Oh this is great, my friend/assistant/housekeeper's friend, and my kind of friend/aquaintance Sayeeda's son (are you following this) is over here to have a spend the night with Beau. Esther came in to my office to ask me if I'd seen Freddy or noticed anything weird with him and I said no. She told me Freddy's face was paralyzed. Apparently he woke up this way a few days ago. His Mom took him to some clinic and they gave him antibiotic ointment for his eye, (they should have given him drops too because he can't blink, shit) and told him to massage his face and take some kind of vitamin shot.

This is so sad, she only had twenty dollars, she hasn't worked in a while and we've all been trying to help a bit. Esther and Noemi each gave her twenty and I gave her fifty dollars just this week. Anyway the visit cost twenty but the shot cost another fifteen and she didn't get it. She could have taken him today but said she didn't think he needed it. Oh My God! What do I do? I've been all over the net looking up facial paralysis in children. I printed a list of exercises for him and gave him some eye drops. It could be Bell's Palsy. How do I know this clinic doctor knows what he's doing.Shit shit shit, poor Freddy. And all of the kids at school mad fun of him. Kids can be sooo mean. Big huge worried sigh.

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