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Prescriptions and Insurance, Angelina and Antonio, and my package from Susan

I have this prescription (Prevacid) that I have to take daily. I didn't even want to take it, but my doctor made me. It's really expensive, a thirty day prescription costs $180.00. Luckily my insurance has been covering it. I have four pills left. I need some other prescriptions filled so I called my pharmacy. They can't fill the Prevacid because there is a "cost cutting control device" that says they will only pay for 150 pills in 180 days. Hunh? If someone needs to take a pill on a daily basis, how can they do something like that? I hate them.

On a happier note, I found the package gang present that my friend Susan sent me, it was at my PO Box and I thought I'd given her my home address. I'm so happy, I thought it had been lost, and I felt badly for her.

And my other friend Susan called, yeay, now I can call her back. I thought she was mad at me because I couldn't make it to her play.

I saw the Angelina Jolie/Antonio Banderas movie last night. I knew it would be bad, but I'm a huge Angelina fan, and I actually like Antonio as well so we went. The plot was lame. The cinematography so so. The costumes were lovely, and of course Angelina and Antonio were beautiful and sexy. The sex scenes were very hot for an R rated film, although I heard the director was forced to cut for the rating, darn. I guess we'll see it in the expanded unedited (ha) DVD version. I did think it was funny when Senor Banderas said, "Whatever Angelina gets during the day, Melanie gets from me in the night, and for real." I think sometimes all of the publicity and fame and flattery can really go to a person's head.

I did like the acting though, especially by this costar who I don't know. I'll have to do some research. He was wonderful, I think this will be a break out film for him. There was one scene where he's telling Angelina that she belongs to him, their faces were really close and he actually spit in her mouth, as in you are man, ack ptuey. I was horrified, but it was inspired. If I were working with him and he did that to me I would fucking kill him, but it played really well. I can't imagine the director who would tell his leading actors that they should do that, although Miss Angie seems really game, so who knows, but I really think it was improvised. I kind of hate stuff like that, actors or directors (Alfred Hitchcock) who do potentially harmful things to other actors to get a rise out of them. ON the other hand I once worked with someone who was such a wimp. We had this scene where I had to slap his face. I know how to slap a face where it won't really hurt, but he was so afraid that he made a huge big deal out of it. Baby.

I am loving our new doggy. I have to take a picture of him for you.

Burritos for breakfast.


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