Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

We went to see Planet of the Apes tonight. Hmmmm. It was fun trying to figure out when Tina Marie would show up. I'm pretty sure she was in an early dinner scene and a bedroom scene. The plot was preposterous. Marky Mark was pretty to watch. Helena Bonham Carter elevated things a bit. Oh wait a second, was Tim Roth the evil general? I wanted to like it but knew I wouldn't. I used to really like Tim Burton.

Okay, going to go watch Sex and the City and Six Feet Under. I LOVE Six Feet Under! I hope my new VCR worked. I'm hopelessly stupid when it comes to VCRs.

My bunny friends are making a lot of noise in the patio, but then so are the ferrets and the rats, oh no, it was the chinchilla knawing on her house. You know I was just thinking today that my home, with all of these animals, is really more like a farm, but then that would make me the Eva Gabor character and this would be Green Acres without Mr. What Was His Name?

Off to bed.


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