Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Hi Everyone,

The Live Journal Camp at Burning Man are looking for a little help. I am so broke right now, too many vet bills and ebay nuttiness, but I sent some money their way anyway. Will you go read the post, you never know, you might have some of the things they need lying around somewhere.

Here's the post.

Theres a show about lighting on tonight, on Discovery, well that's what the TV guide says. I was so close to a huge lightning strike this Summer so I'm definitely interested, although this is looking kind of hokey. You guys can't even begin to understand how loud they are until you've been that close to one, it's unbelievably humbling.

I took the new dog, Jack with me on my errands today. We stopped at Petco so he could pick out some treats and toys. It was so much fun watching him walk down the aisles smelling things. he picked these rawhide chew things and some other creepy thing. He was so happy though. I made a little metal bone tag thing. Parker Stevenson, (anyone remember him from The Hardy Boys?) was in line behind us, and there was a nice woman with a gorgeous flowery printed coat, who is married to Tommy Lee Jones, who petted Jack. He's in town filming

I am sooo hungry, yeay dinner.

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