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Some Pictures Of My House

I started putting up all of the photos I took the day of the Mary Englebreit magazine photo shoot, but it's taking forever. There must be an easier way, argh.

This is a kitty doorstop I got, it's so funny because a lot of my cats look just like this, and they thnk it's real. They also think my squeaker cats are real, which seems so weird to me.

This is a cabinet I have in my powder room upstairs. I'm so hoping someone will be naughty and peek inside one day.

I want it to seem like a medicine cabinet from another time. I'm still working on it, although I did find condoms. Oh, and that's an Indian in the cupboard toy from the movie. It makes me smile. I keep hoping it will come alive when I'm not watching.

Ths is my night stand, it's always changing. I think I got the cuckoo looking kitty on eBay, it has these funny blinking eyes and it's tongue bobs up and down. I put rhinestones all over it. It makes me laugh.

And this is my friend Lui although I have better pics of him.

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