Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Cat's can use the toilet : )

This was in response to a question regarding toilet training cats.


Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. I don't get too many questions from these pages and my email in box is flooded!!!

However I love this place and am always happy to help in any way I can.

Hmmmm, well let's see, of course all of my cats are box trained but if by toilet trained you mean have I ever been able to teach them to use the actual toilet, then yes three of them are. But, they trained themselves and they only use it for peeing and won't poop there.

There is a toilet training litterbox type seat that you can purchase for this purpose though and I've heard it works really well. Apparently you place this toilet shaped pan over the seat and fill it with flushable litter. Kitty figures out that the box has been moved because you put her in it and let her smell around and scratch a bit. After he or she has become used to this new location you begin cutting out the center of the toilet seat shaped pan a little at a time. She or he will simply stand further and further away from the hole until the pan is so wide you can just get rid of it and the cats will be used to standing over the hole.

This sounds great if you have one or two cats, but when you are someone like me who has more than they should, it doesn't seem to practical. Of course I always wonder what happens when you are using the bathroom when your cat suddenly needs to. Will they wait their turn outside or sit patiently by your feet? And then there's the whole problem of flushing, I've never heard of anyone getting their cats to do that, so chances are if you ever plan on having guests over they might be treated to the lovely site of kitties leavings in the bowl.

My smartest cats are the one's who have figured out that peeing in the toilet is easy and keeps their paws litter free. These are also the same cats who sleep under the blankets, open and close doors and drink with their paws. They are Burmese, Siamese and Cornish Rex so I don't think it has anything to do with breed types. They also like to pee over any drain holes like bathtubs and sinks.

Well, I hope that helps. I'm sure you can find the kit on petopia or pets.com or at your local pet store. Le me know how it goes.


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