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You Guyz, (and sonia5 too, you naughty leetle hair spy, I know you're reading this, hee hee)

Oh My God!! I am so happy!!! I LOVE my hair!!!!!!!! I can't stop staring at myself in the mirror, which if you know me, is so not like me. I feel so pretty and mermaidy, it's exactly what I wanted. I'm thrilled.

I had such a great experience, they were the sweetest, nicest, kindest people. So easy and down to earth. I'll post pics when I get brave enough, but it may take me a wee bit to feel comfortable enough to. Not because my hair isn't fabulous because it is, but because I've become photographically shy lately. I'll get over it, maybe I can get Scott to take some pictures of me and then I'll find one I don't hate (it's a weight thing) and put that up.
Actually Beau takes some great pictures, maybe he'll do it for me. Anyway, thank you Stacy, thank you ana, thank you Live Journal for hooking me up with sonia5, what a really lovely amazing woman. She is sooo beautiful, and just well, amazing. I so admire her. Imagine being a single Mom and deciding to go to beauty school, and then building a business, then opening another one in Amsterdam, and then starting this annual tour, she's just well, awesome. I also really liked her son, and partner/pal-kind-of-daughter-in-law-sister-gal-friend. Just the nicest bunch of people. I am very very happy. And so relieved. The Hair Police came and made me have better hair, I guess my prior hair was in violation of some anti-lame hair rule, or something. It's such a great name, wouldn't it be funny if you could actually give people tickets for having flat, thin, badly styled hair? Not just little tear- off jokey things, but where a real cop pulls you over with a siren and says, "I'm sorry but you're gonna have to do something about that hair mam."

Oop Scott's here, he says I'm the George Clinton of Burning Man. I've gotta go but remind me to tell you about how rude this hearing impaired woman was to me at Best Buys. I always forget that rudeness comes in all colors shapes and sizes. It's just reverse racism to think that someone hearing impaired can't be shitty like anyone else. I just really love people who are hearing impaired, and I've been trying to pick up a bit of ASL when I can, I taught Beau how to finger spell, and I've always wanted a friend who was deaf.

Okay me go, me go with my beautiful, long, green, blue, and UV white hair. I am not itchy, I am not itchy. Okay I'm putting it up.

Love you guys,
{{{{{{{{{{Hair Police People}}}}}}}}}}}

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