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Green Hair, Six Feet Under, Cats, and a Pink Typewriter

I am going to try to take it easy today, try to have a very mellow, slow-paced day at home. I just want to lay around, eat, sleep, and watch television, although I may go to the dog park if I'm up to it. I had to go to the doctor at nine thirty this morning, which is super early for me. My blood pressure seems to be going down, on the increased amount of medication, and I lost four more pounds. My Mother sailed off on a cruise to Alaska and I'll leave for Burning Man before she gets back so that ought to reduce my stress a bit.

I paid the very big scary vet bill $3,900.00 by putting it on a credit card. Tick is okay, Ala may just need a dental. Gelato is back and we did a lot of cat shifting to accommodate her not being able to eat what everyone else eats, but she doesn't want to eat the food she's supposed to eat because it isn't as tasty and salty. I haven't seen her drinking yet and that's super important or I'll have to stick a needle in her and put water under her skin, something I'm too squeamish to do. Last night at the vet, I was so happy to see this woman, who I really admire, who has about five hundred cats, and is my vet hospital's best customer, (I'm their second). She was picking up twelve cases of fluids for her cats at home, so I must be being a serious baby if I can't face doing it to do it to one cat. I just really like this woman, she seems so kind and compassionate and capable. I think she is very wealthy, but what a big huge heart she must have to devote all of her time and resources to the care of her kitties. I got to cuddle her seventeen year old cat Angel who looked just like a big orangey lion, super nice cat. She liked Tick, she said she's always wanted a Cornish or a Sphynxy cat. I got the feeling that her husband has maybe put a limit on her cat adopting because she said she couldn't have another. Most of her cats are elderly now and that is so much work and expense. Anyway, I'm just rambling because I'm sort of happy.

What else...hmmm, I still haven't figured out my playa transportation for Burning Man yet, but I will. I loved Six Feet Under as always last night. It's my absolute favorite show. At the vet last night there was the coolest gal in her blue pjs with her dog, who she said is a big faker. She always brings him in when he acts up, and she was right, he was totally being overdramatic and faking injury for attention, because they couldn't find anything wrong with him, except that maybe he needs some kind of anti-anxiety meds. Will someone please send me some, ana, anyone? When she said she wanted to get home for TV, I asked her if it was for HBO? Then when she said yes I asked if it was for Six Feet Under and she got so excited she jumped up and shouted, "You're my new best friend!" I wish it were true she seemed so nice. I understood how she felt though, I am completely addicted to this show.

Sam Mendes is directing a new play starring Nicole Kidman, I wish I'd seen The Blue Room. Ooops that reminds me I need to subscribe to the season at The Geffen Playhouse before it's too late. I hate that they changed the name from The Westwood Playhouse to The Geffen. He would have had as much acclaim if he'd just left the name the way it was, grrrr.

The ferrets love their new cage. I'm happy they're happy.

Scott was an angel to me last night, (but he usually is,) I love my Scotti!

And my Wacqui hair is so darned much fun. It's funny that something like my hair could make me so much happier. It's super uncomfortable, hard to sleep, hurts, itches, feels too heavy, but I really love it. The reactions I've been getting are so funny. From a little kid in the bank saying, "Mommy look
at her hair, it's green," to the older people who look personally offended.

Hey, I just remembered that some friends of mine at the swap meet owe me a pink typewriter.


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