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Last Night's Post. Picking on Art Bell, Nicholas Cage, Tom, and Nicole, and the Pipe That Fell From the Sky at the Dog Park.

Oooh yeesh I just saw a clip from Captain Corelli's Mandolin on Leno, and I hadn't heard that Nicholas Cage was going to be doing an Italian accent. It's bad. Poor guy. What was he thinking? I'll try to keep an open mind about it, maybe it's not as bad as it seemed in this one clip. If so, yikes for him. He bought this big red brick house right by my Mom's that used to belong to Tom Jones and one other celebrity before that, I think maybe it was Dean Martin.

BTW do any of you guys buy this Penelope Cruz/Tom Cruise relationship deal? She seems sincere when she talks about it, and he is so charming when he's interviewed, but it's a little like Wag The Dog, if you know what I mean. Pretty convenient timing for their film, and the fact that he's trying to live down persistent gay rumors and his strange and sudden initiation of a divorce from his wife. I so wonder why they split up. I had always thought it was a sham or beard marriage, I'd heard so many stories from people in the industry who knew them. I'd just kind of thought they were close friends, and were either bi or both gay and had a good working relationship. But from everything I've read he definitely comes off as the bad guy. It seems so weird that they renewed their wedding vows December 26th, were totally cuddly and loving with each other in front of many people, and then he suddenly splits and backdates their split to December in order to avoid the more expensive spousal support. Maybe it's somehow related to Scientology and her not wanting to raise their children to believe in body thetans and Zenu, the evil alien overlord. Her father is a psychologist and her mother is a feminist and an author. I can't imagine they are too keen on Scientology. Plus she is Catholic. I know I shouldn't be concerned with the private lives of people I don't even know, but when it's splashed all over the magazines I read, and the TV, it's hard not to get drawn in. I just feel like such a media pawn though, and it pisses me off. Which is why I don't want to be a sucker for the Tom Penelope thing. Obviously there are more important things to think about but I'm me and I live and hopeful, argh, work here and it interests me.

I'm pissed off at Art Bell tonight. I feel like I shouldn't be, because if he really is having back spasms, and is in pain, then I should feel more sorry for him. But I just hate when he has Evelyn Paglini on, (not as much as the God Part of the Brain guy though), she bores me, and her voice is so grating. I'm just so sick of the whole witch thing. It doesn't scare me, it doesn't do anything for me. There are people who practice evil dark magic who should be wiped off the face of the earth, and there are lovely Wiccans, and Pagan priestess goddess witch people, who practice good healing white magic, who have been persecuted forever, and need acceptance. But it just doesn't work for me anymore when Art tries to fluff up this old witchy stuff like its reallly spoooky, ooooh a real witch, woooo, I'm so scared. Who fucking cares?

I guess with Art, it's that his coming and going so often has made me a little more independent and less trusting. I used to tune in every night, I was so devoted, a big time promoter of the show, but now it seems like so often when I put it on, there's another host or a repeat. Plus I don't like the way they handled Mike Segal. He did a great job, he tried really hard, and they kind of wiped him off the face of the map, so to speak. Yes, Art is a much better showman, but I just don't dig the decisions he makes regarding his fan base and his website. It's like whatever he decides is law and we should just eat it. He decided to leave and that's it, whoosh, there go the archives, and we aren't allowed to talk about how hard the loss was on some of us. He just wiped out the message boards, took down his photos and split. I'm returning to a private life, with no explanation, you'll just have to accept it, bye bye. So we're asked to remain loyal to the show and do. Then he comes back and takes away the man we have all worked so hard to accept, but now that we have bonded with him, we aren't allowed to process our feelings regarding this loss. Down come the message boards, and his name is wiped away as if he never existed. It's just too Orwellian weird for me. There just doesn't seem to be much accountability to his fans.

He's also said a few sexist things that are a turn off, and for the sake of ratings he fans the flames of fear, and so often stuff that they fluff up on the show doesn't come true, and hank God it doesn't come true, but it starts to become a little like The Boy Who Cried Wolf after a while. Plus a lot of the material he covers is relentlessly negative. I love the show. I admire his talent, and love the topics, I've been a very loyal listener, but I am becoming more and more disenchanted. I miss David Oates, the guy. I was never clear on what their fight was about. Maybe I'll go to his site and see if I can figure it out. Reverse speech is fascinating to me, and Sonia5 said that Jason was studying the Ed Dames thing, I can't remember the name of it. Okay well that's enough whining for me for one night. I think Beau and I ate something funky, because we both feel sick, bleeee.

Beau got in trouble at the dog park tonight when he threw his stick pipe sword thing over this really high fence, and it hit this mean woman on the head. She already doesn't like me, I'm sure the green and blue dreads didn't help, and then this pipe comes hurtling out of the sky and thunks her on the head. I just knew it had to have something to do with Beau. I turned around and there he was looking really shocked and sheepish. The woman freaked! She started screaming and yelling, and grabbed it and went over to him like she was going to hit him with it. I was right behind her, but I allowed her to express how she felt to Beau, because he needs to experience the consequences of his actions. I think being yelled at by a scary, freaked out woman, is more than enough punishment for him.

He was mortified, he looked so scared, and kept apologizing, and started to cry. Just when I was about to step in, she turned on me, and let me have it. I accepted this because she had a right to express her feelings. I mean we were very lucky it wasn't worse, she'll probably have, at most, a very tiny bump, and she was frightened, so she definitely had a right to be angry, and in this climate she might have sued us, so I just remained as neutral and calm as possible. I should have seen this coming, and Beau should have used better judgment, so we did deserve a bit of a dressing down, but I really don't like this gal. She's always so bitter and uptight and cold and weird, she's always portraying herself as a victim, complaining about the world and how unfair things are, so it seemed divined in a way; the most negative person around gets hit by a pipe falling from the sky. After she left people came over and were so nice about it. One man in particular was just so great with Beau, and I was thankful that my son had a kind man there to help him process what happened. I wished Beau had had a Father like him. Such a cool guy. He was so even and funny and great with him. he knew just the right things to say.

Later after dinner at Soup Plantation we went for a walk with Jack, our new dog, and after some swinging on a friend's tree swing, we ran into a neighborhood friend, who is handicapped, and was out walking his dog in his wheelchair. He wears a constant pain patch, and it tends to make him a little bit drugged, so he takes a little bit too long when he's telling stories and his sense of time is kind of distorted, so it's hard to set boundaries with him. But we like him and I was thinking how grateful I was for his friendship and the gentle way he was treating Beau. Although he kind of went off and this whole thing about how I shouldn't hover over Beau so much. I always listen to the advice people have to offer, rooting around in it for the gold the universe is trying to share, but I think Beau has plenty of room, I am constantly monitoring that line between safe and unsafe independence. Being a good parent to my son is my number one priority in life, so do get frustrated when people kind of jump in with dime store psychological advice for me, especially when it's uninformed by their lack of real exposure to our relationship, argh, life, il est tres complique non?

A friend of mine sent me a link to a site about which is a legal, sage-like plant, that certain Indian cultures have been using for it's shamanistic or hallucinatory properties.

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