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Isn't this cute? Bad gnome, bad.

I'm talking with a wonderful friend of mine from Burning Man. We hadn't spoken since December and it turns out her whole life has exploded since then. She has four children, and found herself falling in love for the first time, with a woman who was with us there last year. Luckily she and her husband have managed to work out a loving amicable relationship and he is staying in the house with the kids and she got herself an apartment. Although apparently she still stays at the house with the kids. I really love this woman. I wish her the best in this. I can just imagine how painful something like this must be.

I have a friend whose husband was married before to a woman who was always wanting to have three ways with other woman. I think that's how it went. They invited this other woman into the relationship. Then the wife fell in love with her, she moved in, then the wife moved out of the master bedroom and into the guest bedroom with this other woman, and then eventually the two women ran off together, leaving my friend's husband to raise the kids.

Life can be sooo complicated. Especially with regard to sexuality. My poor friends, I'm happy and sad and excited for them at the same time. Change can be wonderful and dynamic and life shifting despite the awful pain of it. I know they will really love their kids well through all of this.

Oooh a mermaid and a fire castle.

And a merman kissing a mermaid in a storm woo woo.

I sort of like this picture of the actress Zena Dare with her Spaniel doggy. I once talked with someone who collected her cards. There are soooo many actors and actresses who came before us who we don't know anything about. It makes me wonder if future generations will look back on actors from today and wonder who they were and what they did.

Okay, it's a little fuzzy but I like the green background.

I have to go pick up Beau's little friend so the kids can come back and play. His Father seems to be the one who makes all of the decisions. I'm used to dealing with the Moms, but in this case it's the kind of angry scary Dad who handles everything. He rarely talks to me in person on the phone, but is always kind of lurking angrily in the background. They are also really punctilious and that's hard for me because we are just the opposite. I like to say, I'll be there between say seven and seven-thirty, just for the leeway, but they get seriously pissed if you're the tiniest bit late. Control stuff, yuck, blech, ptuey, no fun, no, no fun at all. Are there any normal people out there anywhere, normal people with nice kids who are happy and grateful.

Oh, and Scott and I had a fight in an Instant Message box last night. What a sad thing, because all day I had been feeling so close to him, and had been raving about what a wild beautiful fabulous lover and partner he is to anyone who would listen. I was just on a love high all day, and then when I got in touch with him, he was stoney and defensive and sharp, and made me cry, it really hurt. God, life is so hard sometimes.

Hey look it's my kitchen.


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