Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

I was in the weirdest mood all day today

Hi you guys. Man I was in such a weird depressed mood today. I think I meed to exercise. I was excited about watching Survivor and now I've decided that I hate it, and they can count me out as of episode three. I probably would have been out, as soon as the second show started, but I missed it.

This gal is my current personal hero; Sonja Christopher, I wish I knew her and could go sing a song with her on the Ukelele.

I just can't stand all of the animal killing. Hello, these people aren't really stranded on this island and don't need to be killing all of these creatures. I mean it's all so demeaning and pathetic and meaningless.

The best person they had on the whole show, Sonja, was voted off first. What a total waste. I'm so mad. I thought I would come to care about the people and I just can't. How much rat murder, and beautiful sea creature murdering, can a person take? I was looking forward to chats around bonfires and intimate revelations and human decency mixed in with a fair amount of sex. What was I thinking? Plus I absolutely hate that stupid, smug, show-host rule guy. Fuck him. The episode I will enjoy the most is the one where the survivors mutiny, grab his mike, strip him naked and drag him back to camp for a degredation party. Yuck.

Here's Sonja with her son. What a little sweetheart, let's boot her off, yah. Did anyone catch that she was the only one who never said anything negative about anyone else? How brave of her to have even considered hooking up with this commercial piece of crap.


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