Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Here's another one of my Grandmother's dresses on Ebay.

Although the last thing I need to do is spend any more money. The cat bills have been astronomical these last couple of months, and I am waiting to see what my Mother is going to do about it. I don't like upsetting her like this. I really don't. Despite our differences, and of course despite the fact that she hit me with her car, twice, I really do love her. Love of my family is the reason why I am so passionate about these dresses.

I'm storing them at our new house in Palm Springs because there are huge, empty, walk in closets, that no one is using there. Where as in my house, and my Mom's house, here in LA, our closets are stuffed.

Little by little I am slowly building a collection of these dresses. I so wish I had thought to do this years ago, when vintage was cheap. In college it was all I wore, but the clothes are often so delicate that they get ruined really quickly. I think I may have said this before, but wouldn't it be fun to peek inside the closests of celebrities who collect vintage? I'm told that Vera Wang is a huge vintage collecter, as are Demi Moore, and Winona Ryder.

Okay well, I just wanted to check in here before I go to the hospital with Gelato. We gave her 50ml of water with the syringe thing last night, and 100ml this morning, but she is sitting in the cat box and throwing up. I don't know if she'll make it, she looks really really sick. Say a prayer or three?

I have to pay the bill for Ala's stay and pick her up, who knows how high that will be, this is so hard. Blah.

Talk to you guys later.

Big hugs,

PS: I can't seem to get in touch with the editor of the magazine I wrote the article for, about Burning Man, last year. I so need the money. Any ideas for on line zines, or not, who would like an article with photos?

I have a connection with a photographer/story broker here in LA, who is going to pitch my story and pictures to his foreign market clients, like Hola and Paris Match. If that works out, it would be heaven, but he doesn't get the whole Burning Man concept yet. I love taking pictures there so much, and I always keep a journal anyway, so it makes sense to try to help defray the costs a little bit. I'll never break even, so it isn't like I'm making a profit at all.

I know I never linked it, because it was erotic and I was being a scaredy cat, but I swear I'm going to put up a site, damnit, and I'll include it in my writing sample area, ack.

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