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I love Oilily clothes. These are for little girls but they have a limited women's line. I wish they would fit me. I buy their socks and shoes and cute accessories.

Here are some pics from Oilily Baby

I am getting more and more nervous about Burning Man. We leave in two days. I pick up the big scary motor home tomorrow. It'll be great if I don't sideswipe my own car with it, like I did last year.

There was a kind of whiney complaint thing about my pal Sonia5 in this eznewsgroup forum place. It pissed me off.Ii am totally thrilled with my hair and I love Sonia. I registered with them so I could post a rebuttal, but it's taking some time to process I guess. I don't think I want to link it because it just pissed me off and isn't fair. Write to me privately if you want the link and would like to help defend out hair goddesses (and gods) at hair police.

So much to do...gotta go!!!!!!!!!

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