Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

You pull this lever here, and turn this knob, and feed this tube into this hole...

This was such a stressful, crappy, day. This is the first break I've had all day. I got about a third of all of the stuff done I wanted to do. This is the best part of the whole day, sitting here, listening to Art Bell, and cuddling this soft curly black kitten. No wait, it got even better, Beau just came in and sung this song he's been trying to learn that they sing on Outlaw Star. He sounded so lovely, like a choirboy, really, really good.

Okay, so my crappy day started with a really, and I mean really, bad cab ride in a gross 70's cab. Lalallalal or something like that was a brand new cabbie and it was pertty darned obvious by the way he braked and stayed in the slow lane all the way to Carson. I got so nauseous from the jerky driving that I swear I almost told him to just let us off on the side of the freeway. That was the driving impulse I felt.

After our fabulous sixty-five dollar cab ride, Beau and I had the pleasure of dealing with the customer hating service brats at the RV center. Even though they told us to be there precisely at 2:00, our motor home wasn't ready until 5:00. In the meantime we were forced to watch the most inane, annoying, badly produced, just plain bad everything, instructional film. Very dope de dope, put the key in the ignition, turn it on, kind of thing. It's a serious stretch for me to imagine the kind of people this video was made for. But we sat there like good little rental sheep nevertheless.

The guy who was helping us was so rude that other people who worked there were mouthing apologies to us, and making little hand signals, behind his back. He was so agitated, for whatever reason, that he was muttering little threats under his breath like, If anyone says anything else to me I'm just gonna blow, then I'll just walk away, yeah, that's how I do business, come on try me. I don't know what the deal was, this place was like the boiler room of vacation rentals or something. At one point a man and a woman, who had also been there for hours, pretty much everyone was, reached a point of frustration overboil and started yelling at the German guy behind the counter. Have you people ever heard of customer service? You know, customer service? Don't you even care about how unhappy all of these people are? Do you think this is good business? Hey, I was just happy to have something interesting to watch. I'd already read all of the campground brochures, cruised the snack machine, and seen more than I cared to of the horrible video. Did you know that motor homes need approximately fourteen feet of clearance, and that most RV accidents occur when backing up? Wanna know anything about solid waste disposal? Well, then I'm your gal.

The main problem seemed to be that none of the vehicles were ready for pick up when they were supposed to be. I guess the service guys don't bother to wash them until the customers are pounding their fists on the counter, then they must stub out their joints and run for the truck, mops and car freshening spray in hand.

Later, I learned that I had much less money in the bank than I thought I had. I had a painful pedicure. Apparently learning how to say ouch in Vietnamese, (Dow! Dow! Dow!) is a totally useless endeavor. I spent more money at the pharmacy. Bought some toys for the kids in Kidsville at Burning Man. Had several fights with Beau. Realized that Esther and Noemi hadn't done something I had asked them to do, several times, in person and in writing. Decided that trying to get off these meds was making me an exhausted, anxious, bitch monster, so I threw in the towel, and went back to my original dose. Went out again and got stared at by intolerant people, more times than I care to number. And ended up the day by waiting three hours at the vet, where I was given more syringes and iv needles and bags of water. I limped up the stairs holding two cat filled carriers, a bag full of medicine, and a heavy purse. Went into my bathroom, and discovered a backed up toilet. Apparently Beau had been sitting there playing with a kind of round, squishy, ball toy thing, accidentally dropped it in the tank, and then flushed it. God, what else?

Okay I'm going to try to get some sleep. Cross your fingers that I'll have a couple of pillows that haven't been peed on. I'll try to check in once more before I leave.

Hugs from your weary, stressed, friend,

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