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Our Beautiful City
You can see Kidsville (my village) just below and to the left of center camp. Our address is 6:30 and Lover. I will also be hanging out with my beloved friends of Supersnail Camp, and you can find them in the number two spot in the circle around center camp, then I will also be hanging out with, yup, real live people from Live Journal, and I can't remember where they will be, but you can go to the Live Journal Community here and find out. I think there is going to be a passport stamping thing on the way to the man. I'm taking journals to donate. I'll also be leading some ARTS meeting at the 12 step camp, and hanging out with those good people as well.

Here's the layout of our village. We're Kidsville, and if you want to come by, you should be able to find us pretty easily, just ask anyone where the lady with the blue and green hair is with the little boy with the red and yellow hair. Or ask for us by name (Jacqui and Beau). I would really, really like to meet any of you who are going so please help me find you.

Hey Buddies,

We're a packin. Got the Motor Home and just need to pick up a few extra supplies, do a marketing tonight, get some sleep and leave first thing in the AM. Are any of you going? I would LOVE to meet you!!!!

Anyone have any opinion on which route we should take? we've al;ways taken the five to the eighty, which is about as straight and boring as it gets. I was kin of thinking about taking the 14 to the 395. In case you;re curious, there is a description of the three different routes on this page here. I think it would be moving to visit the Japanese Internment camps. It would definitely make an impression on Beau. I didn't; even know they still existed. So f&^king sad. My friend Tom was interned as a child along with his entire family. They lost everything, their home, their possessions, and most importantly their farm. It was stolen from them by a shady lawyer who promised to keep it while they were in camp. He let the taxes lapse and then sold it to someone else. They were never able to get it back, and the small reparations that were finally made wouldn't even begin to recompense the family for what they went through, let alone pay the value of all of that lost land. So so sad. The Manzanar relocation Camp, I think. Anyone ever been? Is it like visiting a concentration camp on a less horrific scale?

Okay, well, this may be my last chance to check in here. We'll be back Tuesday or Wednesday September 4th or 5th. Please pray for my cats health while we're gone. I'm trusting their care to Noemi, Esther and Scott. I pray Gelato will be alive when I get back.

I'm so weary and excited and can't wait to go home. You just can't imagine how profound the impact this community has on you until you do it. I encourage all of you to make your way out there however you can. It's life changing. People who think of it as one big rave or party, just aren't getting it, there is the most powerful sense of love and giving there, a freedom of expression I've never experienced anywhere else.

See you in September,
Jacqui and Beau

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