Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Hi Everyone,

I'm just back from Burning Man. I'm exhausted and dusty, still, despite bathing in a lovely, isolated stream in the Sierras, with dragonflies buzzing around our heads, and tiny little fish tasting our shins and feet, and of course jumping into my big splashy tub as soon as I got home. It was everything it always is, amazing, powerful, beautiful, challenging, life altering. I think it really truly is the most avant garde art festival in the world. You really have to commit to it, you have to live it, it certainly wouldn't be easy to just kind of go there to hang on the periphery and spectate. People die, people get very sick, people find themselves, lives are conceived.

It's going to take me a Jacqui Moment to get these pictures up for you, so in the meantime, I will leave you with a Buddhist meditation, while I have some pizza and try to figure out where to begin.

Beliefnet Meditation
om muni muni maha munaye soha

Please send rays of healing light energy to the families of our friends who died on this last trip to the desert.

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