Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Huh, this is so weird, I use Clubphoto for my pics because I'm a coward and haven't learned how to FTP to a site of my own. I edited this picture of Mark so it looked nice and was a reasonable size but now I can;t find the good version. I either get this wiggly one or a huge one. Argh so fristrating. No time to fix things and a promise is a promise. I fished around for some nudes but I only had enough time to go through about seventy or so images and I have to go. I figured anyone who knows my buddy Insomnia would appreciate the styley hair do that Iceblink gave him.

I liked htis gal's tutu so I took her pic. It seemed like lots of people were wearing tutus, especially guys. That or those frilly multi-layered crinoline slips from the fifties. I wore red ones last year, but didn't think they'd go with my blue green hair. I need to make some.

Why do these images look so crappy. I purposely shot them at a super high resolution so they'd be crisp and colorful. Hmmmm, I'm starting to seriously dislike my image hosting place.

These were just people passing by in a golf cart. I have got to get one for next year. Too bad her face is shadowed. Oh well, at least I put some pics up. Okay talk to you guys later.


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