Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

hi everyone, i'm baking a lemon layer cake, watching unexplained mysteries, holding my happy drooling cat and reading ebay email. i need more arms : ) lui drools when he's happy. beau gets grossed out when he does this. i tried to make it seem less gross by calling it cat water but he wasn't buyin it. he's in the dining room punching his new punching bag. i'm such a sap, ack someone's at the door. i hate it when people come to the door, man I am such an agoraphobe, sheesh. wow it's someone with food from a thai estaurant, this is so fucking weird, oh it's okay it's for my neighbors one street over, we have the same address and the street names are really similar they both start wiht the same letter. God I was thinking it was some kinda joke there for a second. you know like pineapple pizza wiht anchovies. Poor kitties i keep pushing them off my lap. I'm starting to be allergic to some of them, isn't that sad, it's heartbreaking for me, these guys are my family. Ala nazimova is such a crawly little pain sometimes though, she's such a female creature, she is so moody and hormonal sometimes, she always gets her way thogh and it's impossibly hard to resist her. Right now her plan is to sit on the keyboard and she's looking at me wiht those beautiful heartbreaking hairless cornish kitty who should have some (hair) eyes. Beau is bouncing an annoying noise making ball and wearing his loose stretchy shorts pulled up to his shoulders and has his arms and legs coming out of the leg holes. yum here comes pizza slices wiht tomatos left over from shakys, ala stop it damnit. Now she's doing that paw paw thing on my tummy, that remind me theres a guy at our market who has his cd for sale by his register and his band is called soulbelly, I think that's a cool name, okay now here comes my siamese cat Precious (I did not name her)! This si sych a cool place. How long have yu guys been here? Okay off I go to look at yorwritings.

love you all muchly

Wanna see ala's typing okay here comes...

of course in typically perverse feline fashion she doesn't want to now, oh wait here comes precidfshyyyfcvhhjjuyyyyddxfbyhsh

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