Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

I pulled out half of my dreads, I'm going to miss them so much, they were pretty and fun. I couldn't take the pingy hair pulling pain any longer though, plus some guy screamed "Eeeewwwwww" at me really loudly from a passing car. Why do I have to be so sensitive? It amazes me that I kept them in for as long as I did. I was only going to do it for Burning Man, but now I love having colorful alternative hair so much that I'm going to have to go back to Sonia and figure something less painful out. I'm afraid to see what my hair is going to be like when they're all out. Maybe Noemi will help me cut some more of them out before she goes to bed.

I let Beau have his friend Solloman ( I can't spell this tonight, no matter what I write it looks weird, hunh) over for the night. Big mistake. I should have known there was no way they would go to sleep. Argh. No more weeknight spend the nights, nope, nu unh. He tried to weasel out of it as usual. Blamed Sauloman, told me they had been sleeping, yeah right. I had told him he had to turn off the TV, but there it was on Cartoon Network, with the volume way up. Man. I hate having to be the rule setting, punishment meting parent, hate it, hate it, hate it. I so remember screwing around at sleep overs at friends houses, and their parents seeming like these big mean scary monsters. It was so much fun being naughty. I really really really tried to work this out in advance with Beau though. I told him that in order for me to agree to his having his pal over on a weeknight they would have to promise to go to bed when I said so, and not screw around at all. Then I reminded him again this morning, and then again when I picked him up from school, and then again when it was time to go to bed. I guess it's just too tempting to talk and screw around. He is going to be exhausted tomorrow because he stayed up late last night too.

It's nice to be focused on mundane problems again.

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