Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Seeing Joni Mitchell, tearing Out My Hair, Oprah, and Trying On My Granny's Dresses

Hi Buddies,

Today was a better day. I took the rest of my beautiful dreads out of my hair. I was so careful but I lost handfuls and handfuls of hair. I kind of figured this would happen, it was worth it, but it was kind of shocking. I bet if I'd let Sonia take them out she would have been able to save more of my hair, but I just didn't have the patience to wait until we could get together. I've got to figure out what to do next with it, I'm totally addicted to extensions dreads and fun color.

I've finally figured out how to program my VCR. Believe me, this has been a challenge for me. It's embarrassing to admit, I just get phobic when I have to learn how to do anything technical. who knows where this weirdness comes from. I have the same problem with learning Dreamweaver or using my cams. Bah. Anyway since I've been able to figure out how to tape stuff, I've been able to tape Oprah when I'm picking up the kids from school. I love Oprah, and it's been a real healing thing, being able to watch her shows this week. I still have to watch yesterdays but I was able to watch today's and I was so glad I did because she had singers singing beautiful uplifting spiritual music.

Sam Harris was on. I was good friends with him in college. I haven't seen him in years and years. I remember when he was on Star Search and we were all rooting for him. I am so happy for him. I totally celebrate his success. I thought he looked beautiful too, more grown up and handsome than he's seemed before. What a perfect show for her to have, a show using music to help heal people. I just love her!

Later, after I picked up the kids and dropped Shayan off, Beau and I went for ice cream. There's a new women's clothing store next to the New York Ice King store, it's more of a boutique really, because they only carry one woman's designs. The dresses and skirts are so pretty, I decided to go in and look more closely. I'm actually a bit shy about going in dress shops because I've had some not to happy experiences with some of the snobbier stores in the area, I imagine the saleswomen take one look at me and figure, "Heh, none of our clothes will fit you, you fat girl, go away, you annoy me," so it was really nice that the owner not only came out smiling, but remembered my name, and looked like she was going to hug me. I'd only met her for a second a few days ago at the pet store. What a sweetheart.

While I was talking to her, I remembered that I had some of my Grandmother's vintage dresses in the back of my Jeep, and I asked her if she'd like to see them. She came out and looked at them, and was so complimentary. She asked if I'd let her try them on. When I said yes, she seemed genuinely thrilled. She was so cute, she ran into her store like a little kid. Of course they looked so beautiful on her.

Afterwards we walked next door to the pet store and saw Joni Mitchell. I wrote about it on my Celebysightings Community Journal. We visited with our friends who own the store, and cuddled their kittens, and listened to the sound of live guitar music coming from the courtyard. There were two guys sitting in front of the cigar store who were playing their guitars. It was all just so simple and nice and human and sweet. I was very grateful for today, just grateful to be alive, to live where I live, grateful for music and my little community.

Okay well, I'm going out to dinner with my Mom, and then hope to be back in time to meet Scott and watch the telethon. I hope you guys are beginning to heal. I love you.


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