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Great, there I was watching TLC tonight, all of these shows about birth, thinking yes, this is what I need a little break from, death, when these fuckers decide to show rat experiments dealing with breathing oxygen saturated water. Poor little, innocent, sweet, white rat, and it's clearly panicking, thinking it's going to drown in this beaker. Fucking assholes!!! I want to kill people who research on animals. I feel such unbelievable rage when I see anything like this.

I know they showed this in The Abyss, I've read about it, but that doesn't make it okay, and the fact that more and more films, and television shows, and magazines, are showing this kind of footage, makes me think people are becoming numb, and accepting of it. And don't even get me started on the fur ads I've been seeing in the magazines lately. It's time to get out the red paint ballooons again. Fuckers. I'm sorry I'm just so fucking pissed off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And don't tell me I don't care about people, or that animals are less important than we are, because I will just think you are an arrogant unfeeling bastard.

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