Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Check out the new Britney Spears video.

Oh man Britney. You have got to see her new video, (oh shoot the link stoppped working so I'm taking it down, sorry.) It's pretty, ummm, well, raunchy in a kind of Janet Jackson meets Madonna way. She looks great, and her dancing is really sexy, and there are parts of the song that I can stand, (I like the refrain and the kitty kitty and the panting), but she definitely isn't going to be for kids anymore. I'm of two minds about it, on the one hand I totally support her doing whatever she feels she needs to as a creative being, and then on the other I'm the Mother of an eleven year old boy who has a huge crush on her, and whose bedroom walls are covered with her pictures and posters and stickers and things. I feel sorry for him and for all of the little kids who boosted her career and who now have been left behind. I can't imagine the Mom who's going to dig hearing their little eleven year old daughter singing, "I'm a slaaaaave to love, kitty, kitty, hu, hu, hu. Do you wanna, dance up on me, hu, hu, hu."

It's confusing and probably not worth discussing here at al,l except that I feel a wee bit conflicted. I really understand her wanting to break out of the baby doll sex pot thing and be an adult musician. I mean she is a woman for God's sake, and at her age I was desperate to be sexual and free, but it's just kind of a fragile and strange time to be releasing a video that will obviously be controversial. I read that she's supposed to be dancing with friends in an underground Asian bathhouse and that they get sweaty and dehydrated and run off in search of water, but watching it, I thought she was a slave to some man, not to the music, and that they were dancing in some post apocalyptic New Yorky kind of place. I read a post where this woman thought she was part of a Harem for some Middle Eastern man, this is why I'm thinking it's a tad too soon to be releasing it, because people are still shocked and confused and will likely project their stuff on it, but I guess she really has to because her concert is coming up.

Okay so in summation of this incredibly important event here, not, I a.) support her desire to express herself however she wishes, and think she's kinda hot, b.) am a little bit sad for my son because they did market her music to pre-teens and now that's changed, and c.) think it's just a little soon for a wet, orgiastic, super-sexy Britney video to come out. I hope the link works, it's an AOL thing so I don't know if it will. Okay off I go to dance with my super sexy wet dance partners, oooh lick me baby, blow on my fire. "Oooh yeah do it like that."

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