Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

New Kittens, Halloween Concerns, Death, and Gratitude

Hi Everybody,

I'm having lunch, (veggie burritos and a frozen fruit & juice shake), and wanted to check in and let you know what's been happening. I'm excited to browse my friends pages and see what you've been up to. I miss you guys when I don't check in for a day or two.

I love this artist on eBay, purrcat1 there is just something so sweet about her work, and the fact that she's selling it for charity just makes me feel really warmly towards her. I want to buy this piece, I hope I can afford it. I like the little witch wearing a flag because with Halloween coming up it seems perfect for us.

We always go crazy decorating our house and I'm a little conflicted about it this year. Normally we'd be getting stuff out right now, but I just don't feel very Halloweeny or happy about celebrating the change in season. We usually have a graveyard and lots and lots of ghoulish things. We cover our driveway with hay and leaves and set up tombstones. We hang spiders, and flying bats, and crows. We have two fog machines and black lights and strobes. We have all kinds of animatronic toys, ghosts that howl, cats that shriek, hands that wiggle, things that zip this way and that, and eyeballs that pop out of heads. We fill fountains with dry ice, bloody eyeballs, a six foot tall candelabra that we light with white tapered candles that drip red wax. We buy twenty pumpkins at least and carve them, we have lots and lots of fake pumpkins that light up, we have spooky music, tons of candy and toys for the kids and dismembered hands, heads, arms, and legs. But...I don;t think this kind of stuff is appropriate right now. Somehow it just feels wrong to me to litter our garden and driveway with bits and pieces of latex flesh. I think this is too soon and too real for people to have to deal with. So that's my dilemma. My son adores this, our neighbors count on it, and so do his little friends. Anyway that's just one thing I'm thinking about; trying to find a way to do Halloween when I don't feel like doing it, and without all the gore.

On a sad note, yesterday Noemi and I went to my doctor to see if she could help us kill off this virus/fluey thing we've all been fighting. In my case it's turned in to a sinus infection with a super nice headache, blech. While we were there we were talking with the doctor's nurse/receptionist Maryam. She's really sweet, a dear person, and she was showing us the pictures of her wedding. At some point I was asking her about her patients and we started talking about how hard it is for her when they get really sick and die. She said most of their patients that pass away do so from pneumonia while in the hospital. After she said this, the woman sitting next to me on the couch said that that's how her husband died. He had only died about four weeks ago, and then she went on to say that just this last Saturday her daughter attempted suicide by drinking a bottle full of insecticide. She was torn up over her Father's dying followed by her boyfriend's having left her. felt so sorry for this woman and her daughter that I started crying. People live through so much, every day I remind myself how lucky I am, and thank God/Goddess/The Universe for all my blessings.

Mini Harina had her kittens yesterday. She had been clawing me all night (we call it paw-pawing) and I kind of thought that maybe she was going to have her kittens soon, but I dismissed the thought, typical. Anyway when I woke up in the morning, I'll spare you the grosser details, she had had two of them under the covers right next to me, ack, and was still delivering. I could have rolled over on them. I turned back the covers and there they were, tiny little black squeaking kittens, the ones I'd been kissing and talking too through her belly.

Before she could have any more kittens, Spooky stole them away from her, and added them to her kitten pile in her little cat bed. So now all of the kittens are mixed together and the two moms are sharing breast feeding duties. It's so touching and natural. Mini H. can feed and clean them while Spooky takes a break and vice versa. But what's even funnier is that we just brought Twinkle and Sparkle home from being neutered, and as soon as they saw the kittens, they jumped in too. Hopefully this will be our last batch of kittens for a long time. I hate having to find homes for them because no one seems good enough, but I have to, it isn't fair to the kitties, and we can't go on like this.

Beau is home today, I blew it by taking him to a movie last night, which meant homework took until midnight to complete and then there was no way he could get going this morning. As soon as I'm done reading some e-mail and checking out your journals I'm going to go sit with him and do some school work. I love my son, and my cats, and my man, and my little world. I wouldn't mind being thinner, healthier, and wealthier, but I'll take the life I've got now and be grateful for it.

Big hugs to all of you,

PS: Oh My God!!! I just went to Paulina's gallery on geocities and you ahve got to go see her cat illustrations she's amazing!

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